A Game Changer for IoT Solution Developers

October 9, 2015

Hot off the show floor, Amazon Web Services (AWS) held their annual user conference this week, AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.  On Thursday, they announced the launch of AWS IoT, to easily and securely connect devices to the cloud.  With many exciting announcements this week at the event, from personal experience none have come close to the IoT buzz and excitement on the expo floor.  Our team has spent the last few days meeting and networking with so many great attendees at the event helping them to understand the impact IoT and data can have on their future businesses.

ThingWorx, a PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) business and a leading Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, today announced it is working with AWS, to support the launch of their latest AWS service, AWS IoT, a new platform that makes it easy for devices to connect to AWS services so that companies can store, process, analyze, and act on the volumes of data generated by connected devices on a global scale. At some point in time most of us have heard the predictions associated with IoT and how many connected devices we will have by the year 2025. If not just to point out, McKinsey & Company notes that IoT will have an $11 trillion economic impact in 2025.

IoT messaging brings great challenges due to the volume and variability of sensor and device data. The ThingWorx IoT Platform and its ThingWorx Application Enablement Platform (AEP) allows developers to build IoT solutions, without sacrificing flexibility or power. By allowing developers to link AWS IoT with the ThingWorx IoT Platform, it enables them to leverage the scale and elasticity of AWS along with the productivity advantage of the ThingWorx AEP.

We’re excited to offer AWS customers the ability to seamlessly us

e ThingWorx AEP. We believe that the ability to utilize AWS for scalable foundational services while layering the power of the ThingWorx AEP could bring a game changing combination for IoT solution developers.

As the event comes to close, we are more excited about the game changing power IoT will have on businesses and looking forward to what the future may bring.  If you did not have a chance to meet our team this week, we hope you will visit our Thingworx website and Developer Zone to start building apps today.  More details can be found here.

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