2016 AT&T Developer Summit Recap

January 8, 2016

Ring in the New Year in Vegas? Okay! The ThingWorx team headed out to Las Vegas to attend the AT&T Developer Summit at the Palms this past week. The event was jam-packed with a 24-hour-long hackathon, innovative technology and Kevin Spacey! The event offered training sessions and content on coding, hardware, platforms, you name it.

The ThingWorx team had booth in the Expo Hall this year and to say we were impressed would be an understatement. The attendees were engaged and excited about all the exhibitors had to offer. We were showcasing our Santa Cruz connected bike and one attendee event said we had the “Most exciting piece of technology here!”

To be honest, our connected bike still blows my mind. We took a bicycle from Santa Cruz that was modeled in Creo, attached sensors from our friends at National Instruments and created a mashup in our ThingWorx platform that allowed us to collect and display real-time data from the bike. We’re not done yet! We then add an augmented reality piece to this and are able to hold an iPad up in front of the bike to be able to also see this data. Wow!

Apply this technology to let’s say, a generator, or a huge piece of machinery and a tech can scan the machine with his iPad, find out where the faults are and get to work! Companies can save time and money by getting equipment fixed faster! In our opinion the event was a success and a great prefix to CES which started the next day. Not only did we get the opportunity to have great discussions with some of the coolest developers around, I also tried uni. Needless to say I won’t forget the AT&T Developer Summit.

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