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Ventana Research and PTC Series: The New Age of Intelligence - IoT Analytics
A collaboration between PTC and Ventana Research, this IoT Analytics video series identifies the value drivers of IoT data, how to get started, and key features of ThingWorx Analytics. See how businesses turn connected product data into meaningful insights to transform, innovate and disrupt.

Chapter One: The State of the IoT Industry

IoT Data offers an unparalleled level of insight that can be acted on in real time to drive real outcomes. ThingWorx customers can now lower the entry barrier to analytics and are turning their connected product data into meaningful insights that translate to business value!

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Chapter Two: The Need For Advanced Analytics

Smart, connected things, by definition, generate data – and within that data lays a wealth of previously unattainable, invaluable insights. As the number of connected devices grows into the billions, the demand for more, better information from IoT data is outpaced only by the growth of the data itself.

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Chapter Three: How to get started with IoT analytics

Traditional reporting and visualization approaches are not well-suited for IoT data analysis. They can be complex, typically require some manual intervention, and yield limited visibility and insights. For IoT users, time is critical – analytics must be contained within their solutions in a way that is both real-time and proactive.

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Chapter Four: What to Expect with IoT Analytics

To find the true value in IoT data, organizations must be able to deliver powerful, automated analytics capabilities to solutions – including real-time pattern & anomaly detection, automated predictive analytics, and contextualized recommendations.

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Analyst Infographic : The Impact of IoT Data
Aberdeen explores how to go beyond basic IoT for competitive advantage.

Want to stay ahead of the competition? With ThingWorx Analytics developers can quickly and easily add real-time pattern & anomaly detection, predictive analytics and simulation to the solutions they build. Download the infographic today.

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Building Success with IoT Analytics

The oil and gas industry relies on Flowserve to deliver sources of energy across every corner of the globe. To prevent critical failures and outages, Flowserve uses IoT analytics for pattern and anomaly detection in their industrial pumps.

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Real-Time Analytics: The Power of IoT
Advanced analytics is an industrial IoT game-changer. Do you have the analytics tools and techniques to master your IoT data?

By 2020, it is estimated that industrial IoT companies will nearly double their investments in IoT analytics. Effective techniques for extracting and managing data are no small feat, but companies that can harness their IoT data are poised to gain enormous dividends. Learn methods and technologies used by today’s IoT innovators to gain the edge in security, customer satisfaction, and optimal operational efficiency. Read this O’Reilly white paper as the first step in mastering industrial IoT analytics, and claiming decisive competitive advantages.

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Automating Cutting Edge Analytics

Discover the benefits of analytics automation and how ThingWorx Analytics can explain, predict and prescribe outcomes.

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IoT Analytics Today and in 2020

Find out how IoT analytics are currently being used in the market and how edge intelligence and cloud intelligence are key enablers for utilizing your IoT data.

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Designing with Data

Learn the technical context of data in the IoT, and the typical characteristics of IoT data and its impact on design.

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IoT Upsets Application Development

To successfully disrupt your industry with IoT innovation, app developers must learn how to turn an endless flow of contextual information into useful, actionable data.

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Capitalizing on Your IoT Data

Watch this webcast to understand how you can tackle the challenges associated with the volume, velocity, and variety of IoT data and how you can use ThingWorx Analytics to quickly and easily add real-time pattern and anomaly detection to your capabilities, and more.

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