IoT Developers Conference 2017

April 26th - 27th, 2017

Local Time: Pacific

Location: Santa Clara, CA

IoT Developers Conference 2017

Join IoT product developers and software engineers at IoT Developers Conference 2017 and learn about the latest trends in IoT development and machine learning.

Meet our developers at booth G1

  • Find out how an end-to-end platform can simplify IIoT solution delivery
  • Talk with our developers at booth G1 April 26-27:
    • Gain insights into IIoT technology and see how ThingWorx helps you to rapidly build and deploy smart, connected solutions
    • Learn about best practices in IIoT development and how the concept of data modelling can be best applied when building complex IIoT solutions
    • Discuss how machine learning can be used to help solve challenges involved in building smart, connected products
    • Get hands on time coding in the environment that powers IIoT applications
  • Don’t miss our tech talks on Thursday, April 27th:
    • “Creating Smart Cars with Machine Learning” with Ashley Baer, Senior AI Engineer
    • “Data Modelling for the Industrial Internet of Things” with Jason Wyatt, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer
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