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December 2, 2014: Reach the Next Level of Manufacturing Operational Performance with the Internet of Things

Join Jean-Philippe (JP) Provencher, Director of IoT Solutions Strategy at ThingWorx, a PTC Business on December 2nd at 10am EST for a live webcast. According to Michael Porter, Harvard Business School Professor, sustainable competitive advantage requires both the right strategic positioning and operational effectiveness. The Internet of Things provides companies with the opportunity to take advantage of both of these business success components to create and sustain market leader status in the next decade. This webinar will focus on how manufacturers can leverage the IoT to enable smart, connected manufacturing operations and significantly improve their operational effectiveness. Learn how the IoT enables the next wave of manufacturing operational performance improvements and brings the visibility, flexibility, interoperability and intelligence required to unlock the full potential of your manufacturing investments, leading to significant operational performance improvements. Register now!

Archived Webcasts & Webinars

How Connecting Devices and Data can Transform an Industry:

On November 17, 2014 Lance Donny, CEO of OnFarm, Scott McCarley, Senior Director of Solution Management and John Schaefer, SVP of Product Development at ThingWorx presented on how the IoT is transforming industries around the globe. Specifically in this webcast Donny addressed how the IoT is transforming the agriculture industry and how OnFarm is enabling their customers to make educated, real-time decisions on their crops, land, farming devices, and materials leveraging the IoT and ThingWorx platform. Watch the on-demand version of this webcast and hear how OnFarm is transforming big data into meaningful, accessible, and easy to digest decision points for their customers, rapidly creating IoT applications that are scalable and flexible as their customer base and their needs grow, generating exciting and encouraging savings and results for their customers around the world, and addressing the future agriculture and resource challenges using the IoT.

Accelerating Service Revenue Growth with the Internet of Things:

On November 12, 2014 Jack Levin and Phil Tickle of Venetia Systems discussed how the IoT is enabling a wave of business transformation focused on value-added, managed, and outcome-based services. Attendees learned about leveraging the IoT to create new value added, outcome-based services, key business models necessary for revenue growth, the IoT services growth maturity curve, and making a successful transition from product/ break-fix to services/ solution provider.

Delivering Value from Data: Advance Analytics and Predictive Modeling with the Internet of Things:

On October 30, 2014 Tim Myers, Senior Systems Architect at RailComm presented on how his organization brings advanced intelligence and analytics to the Railroad industry by delivering IoT applications and real time data analysis, predictive models, and more to their customers. Aditionally John Canosa, Chief Strategist of Connected Products at ThingWorx, a PTC Business explored how you can do more with your data using the ThingWorx platform. Watch the on demand version of this webcast to learn how you can improve efficiency by collecting machine and environmental data, and predicting failures, lower cost by optimizing service and maintenance, rapidly develop applications to understand your data with rapid iteration, and increase customer satisfaction by enabling better communication and understanding their habits. Learn the steps your organization can take to get the most value from the data you are already collecting.

A Transformation Roadmap Powered by the IoT and Connected Service:

On October 27, 2014 Sumair Dutta, Chief Customer Officer at The Service Council unveiled his latest research findings on the growing impact of a connected ecosystem and service business model and Martin Gilday, SVP Services at Elekta discussed his organization’s own IoT transformation journey, challenges, and best practices. Aditionally they presented insight on the opportunities associated with remote monitoring.

Achieving Success with IoT Services: A Customer Success Story:

On October 16, 2014 David G. Sherburne, Director of Smart Link development for Carestream Health and Dan Murphy, VP of Marketing for ThingWorx, a PTC Business presented on the business model that was created to help revolutionize the way Carestream looks at the service business and the transformation that is occurred to deliver more innovative services to the customer base. Additionally they presented on IoT Business Maturity Models, the impact to the new product development thinking that needs to occur, and the impact the IoT has had on consumers’ expectations when purchasing new products and services.

A Virtual Corporate Visit with StreetScooter and PTC

On September 10, 2014 Jim Heppelmann, PTC President & CEO and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker, StreetScooter CEO presented on PTC’s corporate vision and strategy for how smart, connected products will accelerate the transformation of how you create, operate, and service products as well as how StreetScooter’s IoT-platform strategy is going to help them improve, service and manage their electric vehicles.

M2M Battle of the Platforms

On August 26, 2013 at the M2M Evolution Conference “Battle of the Platforms”, ThingWorx won top prize for the Best Application Development Platform. Click here to view a replay of the winning presentation.

Rapid M2M Solution Delivery with ThingWorx and Eurotech

Eurotech and ThingWorx discuss an innovative approach to rapid M2M solution delivery. Featuring Russ Fadel – CEO and Co-Founder of ThingWorx, and Robert Andres – Chief Marketing Officer at Eurotech. Click here to view.

Connected Products Webinar

The Future of Connected Products, from Next Generation Remote Service to Predictive Maintenance – Featuring Sysmex, Grok, and All Traffic Solutions

Next Generation Remote ServicesThis webcast features Tom Oelsner, VP of Processes & Systems of Heidelberg, along with Bill Pollock, Chief Research Officer of The Service Council, and Russ Fadel, Co-Founder and CEO of ThingWorx.

Demo Webcast Schedule

The ThingWorx sales team hosts daily demonstrations of the ThingWorx platform. Each day’s webcast is scheduled for a different time of day so that different regions of the world have access to the presentations. View the most up to date demo webcast schedule below and contact us if you’re interested in participating.

Monday: 1pm EST (-5 GMT)

Tuesday: 4am EST (10am CET) This time is appropriate for participants based in Europe as well as Asia.

Wednesday: 9am EST This time is appropriate for participants based in North America as well as Europe.

Thursday: 3am EST This time is appropriate for participants based in Asia as well as Europe.

Friday: 1pm EST (-5 GMT) This time is appropriate for participants based in North and South America as well as Europe.