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Published in the Manufacturing Leadership Journal and authored by Russ Fadel, President & GM of ThingWorx, a PTC Business

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The Internet of Things
McKinsey & Company Quarterly The Internet of Things

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On-demand presentations from LiveWorx- ThingWorx Innovation Exchange
View the presentations from our customers, partners, thought leaders, and ThingWorx executives via our IoT event that took place in Boston in June 2014.

An M2M Platform for Today’s Connected World – Interview with Russ Fadel
This interview is courtesy of The Peggy Smedley Show, hosted by Peggy Smedley and broadcast on wsRadio.com. To view archives, go to www.peggysmedleyshow.com/archives.aspx

GigaOM Podcast: Internet of Things
Combine the Internet of Things with Numenta’s machine learning algorithms and the power of the ThingWorx application platform, and a new world of possibilities emerge.

Using A Graph Database To Power The “Web of Things”
Rick Bullotta and Emil Eifrem discuss how to use graph databases to model the real world, people, systems and things, talking advantage of the relationships between various data elements.

IBM The Internet of Things
Vision for the potential of the web of things

Trillions by Maya Design
The enormity of the web of things