We are entering the Connected Age, an age that brings people, systems, and the 50 Billion Things (sensors, devices, machines) together to provide the opportunity for a step change in operational innovation and resource efficiency. ThingWorx uniquely enables organizations to rapidly build and run connected applications to capture the business opportunities offered by the emerging pervasiveness of smart Things. ThingWorx operates in:

  • Smart, Connected Applications
  • Smart, Connected Products
  • Smart, Connected Operations


Smart, Connected Applications

ThingWorx enables rapid creation of end-to-end “smart” applications for a wide range of markets including: Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Smart Water, Smart Buildings, and Telematics.

Smart, Connected Products

ThingWorx enables companies to cost-effectively enter the connected product space and deliver end-to-end solutions for remote service management, predictive maintenance, automated billing and replenishment, and big data analytics. ThingWorx is used with connected products in markets such as Medical/Healthcare, Construction Equipment, Transportation, Financials, Public Safety, and Consumer Products.

Smart, Connected Operations

ThingWorx enables a new level of connectedness and intelligence for traditional industries, benefitting markets such as Automotive, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, and Utilities. Connected businesses increase operational efficiency and responsiveness, reduce energy usage, and speed the pace of innovation.

ThingWorx can help every organization benefit from the data, events, and insights offered by the connected world.


Example Applications



Manufacturers around the globe have been automating their plants for decades to improve efficiency, time to market and cost of production. The gains from these efforts are providing diminishing returns while the challenges of the global competition and sustainability are rapidly increasing.

ThingWorx provides manufacturers the opportunity to create a step change in operational innovation and efficiency by building connected applications within their intranet of equipment, processes, and systems. ThingWorx creates a searchable, mashable and composable infrastructure, moving beyond manufacturing intelligence to the era of Connected Intelligence and User Assembly, dramatically increasing innovation and responsiveness, all while reducing IT costs.


Example Manufacturing Application


Oil & Gas

In the Oil & Gas industry, physical systems are highly distributed and remote – creating maintenance and upkeep challenges. Oil and Gas companies constantly look for ways to improve performance and lifespan of equipment in the field, and remote site monitoring and management is critical for their ongoing operations. The right remote service solution is essential to improve safety and prevent severe fault conditions in remote pipelines, tanks, and compression equipment.

ThingWorx provides a complete connectivity and application development platform that enabled Oil & Gas companies to effectively monitor and service their remote assets. ThingWorx simplifies the process involved in helping Oil & Gas companies develop solutions to accurately diagnose and prevent problems and lower support costs through proactive maintenance.


Example Oil & Gas Monitoring Application

Smart Grid / Energy

Since the creation of public power energy producers have been helping drive success in economic development and growth for the world. As the world faces the challenges of resource competition and global warming, the power sector is being faced with unprecedented levels of complexity in efficiently, securely and reliably managing energy delivery. Renewable energy, smart homes, smart factories, and smart transportation, all combine to make building and implementing the smart grid an enormous challenge.

Fortunately, ThingWorx provides a high level platform that dramatically reduces the cost to develop, test and deploy each of the interconnected networks in the ultimate smart grid. Whether it be the smart home, smart neighborhood, smart factory or the smart grid, ThingWorx simplifies connectivity, business rule automation, UX development, and network integration, while providing a data collection framework that allows Connected Intelligence to be applied to gain unparalleled insight into the operation of these emerging technologies.


Example Energy Application


Smart Cities

Infrastructure / Utilities

Traffic, Parking, Utilities, Pollution – the list goes on. Cities today are evaluating opportunities for performance improvements, carbon reduction, cost avoidance, and quality of life improvements to create a more sustainable path to the future.

ThingWorx uniquely can bring these disparate “connected world” applications (opportunities) together holistically to maximize outcome.


Smart Buildings

Homes, offices and commercial spaces are undergoing a smart transformation connecting and linking environmental sensors, HVAC, office and safety equipment, with external inputs such as the smart grid and weather.

User driven and autonomic business processes combining people, systems and devices can be implemented to maximize resource efficiency and costs.

ThingWorx speeds the development and deployment of these “smart” applications dramatically increasing return on investment and providing the data framework that enables Connected Intelligence to uncover new opportunities for additional improvements.


Example Smart Building Application

Connected Software

For global enterprise software providers, the reliability and performance of their products is a paramount concern. The era of products with embedded IT and connectivity is re-shaping how companies analyze and interact with their products and as a result provide service and support.

ThingWorx allows enterprise software vendors to offer connected applications, allowing them to better understand how to operate and service their software as much as embedded sensors offer the same for physical products. Furthermore, connected software empowers the customers of these vendors to better analyze, understand, operate, and service their own installations. Learn more about ThingWorx and Connected Software.


Example Connected Software – Performance Advisor for PTC Creo


While many people’s view of the connected world starts and stops at remote service solutions and M2M applications, it is so much more than that.

The connected world integrates sensors, systems, and people into a highly collaborative environment, rapidly adapts to changing operational requirements, and operates on a scale much larger than simple M2M applications.

Unfortunately, existing M2M vendors are based on older technology that is insufficient for the demands of the connected world.

This is why we’ve developed the ThingWorx platform. ThingWorx is an M2M application enablement platform (AEP) designed specifically for today’s connected world. The ThingWorx platform’s
hyper-productive development environment lets you build applications that leverages the distributed intelligence built into devices in a fraction of the time of other approaches. This provides you with a unique competitive advantage, as it enables you, and your customers, to extend the value of your remote devices by rapidly layering applications that leverage the activities, services, and inter-relationships not only of the devices, but all people, systems, and devices in the network. ThingWorx also enables a new type of application that continuously evolves and increases in value over time, harnessing the Connected Intelligence of all network participants to drive Operational Innovation in the areas of solution development,opportunity discovery and capture, and problem solving.


Example M2M / Remote Service Application

Medical Devices

Smart medical devices, remote health care, and outcome-based approaches are the driving forces behind stabilizing our medical costs and extending quality of life to an aging population. ThingWorx provides a safe and secure approach to integrating medical devices and remote health systems into efficient medical processes. ThingWorx also provides a unique searchable and semantic data framework that enables Connected Intelligence to be applied to help identify successful outcomes. Learn more about ThingWorx and Medical Devices.


Example Medical Device – Remote Service Application

Complex Machinery

Manufacturers of complex machinery and equipment are extending their relationship with their customers by providing real-time condition-based maintenance, benchmarking and collaborative technical support services.

Accomplishing this requires much more than just a typical M2M solution. A complete solution integrates equipment, systems, and people into a highly collaborative environment, rapidly adapts to changing operational requirements, and operates on a scale much larger than simple M2M applications.

ThingWorx provides the complete set of functionality including IT friendly connectivity, data collection, real-time device interaction, business logic, collaboration, and “drag and drop” application development, to enable you to quickly build solutions specific to the rapidly evolving needs of your business.


Example Complex Machinery Application



The tipping point to smart transportation is here with the pervasiveness of smart infrastructure, mobile networks, location awareness, and vehicle automation. ThingWorx will accelerate your initiatives by providing a framework for quickly composing applications that merge these technologies in a unified platform.

Smart transportation promises to reduce energy consumption, ensure traveler mobility, improve safety, and enhance smart delivery of goods, maximizing corporate and tax payer ROI.


Example Transportation Application

Education & Public Services

A ThingWorx license is available for education and non-commercial public use to support applications that advance knowledge of the connected world, and to foster the development of applications that use these technologies for the public good.