We are entering the Connected Age, an age that brings people, systems, and the 50 Billion Things (sensors, devices, machines) together to provide the opportunity for a step change in operational innovation, resource efficiency, and strategic differentiation. ThingWorx uniquely enables organizations to rapidly build and run connected applications to capture the business opportunities offered by the emerging pervasiveness of smart Things. ThingWorx operates in:

Smart, Connected Products

ThingWorx enables makers of manufactured products to cost-effectively enter the connected product space and deliver end-to-end solutions such as remote service management, predictive maintenance, automated billing and replenishment, and big data analytics.ThingWorx is used with connected products in markets such as Medical/Healthcare, Industrial Equipment, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and Consumer Products.

With ThingWorx organizations will be able to:

• Optimize service
• Improve customer experience
• Differentiate product & service offering
• Generate new revenue streams
• Create new business models (e.g. pay per usage)

Smart, Connected Operations

ThingWorx enables a new level of connectedness and intelligence for operators of factories, plants, supply chains and fleets to leverage IoT to connect the assets they own with their operations and business systems. Smart Connected Operations will provide unified visibility across business activities to enable operational excellence.

With ThingWorx organizations will be able to:

• Increase efficiency
• Improve quality
• Reduce waste
• Increase flexibility and agility
• Improve asset uptime and performance

Smart, Connected Systems

Vertical solution providers, software vendors, and system integrators can leverage their industry expertise and the ThingWorx IoT platform to rapidly create and bring to market new IoT applications that connect, manage, and optimize a complex set of disparate sensors, devices, people and software solutions into a “system of systems”. These applications can address areas such as, smart cities, smart buildings, smart energy and smart agriculture.

With ThingWorx organizations will be able to:

• Reduce solution development cost
• Deliver apps at 10X the speed and brings solutions to market faster
• Reduce risk and address scalability, security, and standardization needs
• Continuously innovate