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ThingWorx Analytics delivers powerful, operationalized analytics to solutions built on the ThingWorx platform.

Tackling the volume, velocity and variety challenge of data from the Internet of Things is key to delivering even more powerful IoT solutions for end users. Analytics is at the heart of any IoT solution. However, applying traditional approaches to analytics to solve for IoT data challenges will result in failure – those tools aren’t built for IoT.

ThingWorx Analytics is built specifically for IoT. It makes it quick and easy for all developers to seamlessly integrate real-time advanced analysis of the Internet of Things into the ThingWorx-powered solutions they develop.

ThingWorx Analytics enables all developers to rapidly build solutions that:

  • Watch edge devices and provide real-time pattern and anomaly detection on edge data streams.
  • Provide automated predictive intelligence in ThingWorx-powered solutions for a variety of different outcomes.
  • Deliver prescriptive and simulative intelligence that identifies what factors contribute to an outcome and what factors to change in order to change a predicted outcome.
  • Automatically operationalizes and maintains predictive and simulative intelligence that’s delivered to end-users.

ThingWorx Analytics consists of four main components that integrate tightly into ThingWorx Foundation:

ThingWorx Analytics

How ThingWorx Analytics Server Automates Modeling

ThingWorx Analytics Server uses sophisticated machine learning technology to simplify and automate the processes of creating, operationalizing and maintaining predictions and simulations inside of ThingWorx-powered solutions and experiences.

The machine technology knows how to automatically create the best performing predictive model using a variety of complex techniques. Once it finds the best approach to creating a prediction, ThingWorx Machine Learning produces justification and confidence levels for the model it’s creating – it is not a black box technology.

The below process is 100% automated and requires no expertise in data science, machine learning or statistics:

Model Building

Downloadable eBook: Conquering the Challenge of Analysis within the Internet of Things

As the IoT and data grows, human-driven investigation of data becomes less and less effective causing errors or missed opportunities to become more prevalent. Read this eBook to understand how ThingWorx Analytics can help tackle the volume, velocity and variety challenge of IoT data.

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