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ThingWorx Machine Learning

ThingWorx Machine Learning - Powerful advanced and predictive analytics capabilities for ThingWorx developers

Few know how to create, operationalize, and maintain advanced and predictive intelligence. That’s why we’ve built powerful machine learning technology inside the ThingWorx platform – to automate these complex processes.

ThingWorx Machine Learning enables developers to easily:

  • Build solutions that include predictive analytics
  • Scale advanced analytics to the largest of datasets
  • Integrate proactive intelligence into any ThingWorx-powered solution

All without having to be an expert in data science or complex mathematics.

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What can ThingWorx Machine Learning be Used For?

  • Predict product utilization
  • Improve service and training processes
  • Predict downtime
  • Improve operations
  • Prevent manufacturing defects
  • Increase production yield
  • Improve sales targeting

ThingWorx Machine Learning Process

Learn Predict Adapt



ThingWorx Composer is an end-to-end application modeling environment designed to help you easily build unique applications for the connected world. Composer makes it easy to model the things, business logic, visualization, data storage, collaboration, and security required for an IoT application.



ThingWorx Machine Learning uses modern data processing technologies to scale to the largest of data sets. It can run wherever you need it to – in the cloud or in your data center (note – on premise deployment support available in late 2015).

How Automated Predictions Work

ThingWorx Machine Learning uses sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to simplify and automate the processes of creating and operationalizing predictions inside of ThingWorx-powered solutions and other systems of record.

The technology knows how to automatically create the best performing predictive model using a variety of complex techniques. Once it finds the best approach to creating a prediction, ThingWorx Machine Learning produces justification and confidence levels for the predictions it’s creating – it is not a black box technology.

Model Building

Downloadable eBook: Conquering the Challenge of Analysis within the Internet of Things

As the IoT and data grows, human-driven investigation of data becomes less and less effective causing errors or missed opportunities to become more prevalent. Read this eBook to understand how ThingWorx Machine Learning advanced analytics can help you learn from the past, understand the future, and know what to do to maximize an opportunity or to minimize risk.

Download the ThingWorx ML eBook »

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