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Build IoT applications from an ever-growing catalog of components

The ThingWorx IoT Platform reduces the time, cost, and risk required to build innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

ThingWorx is the first IoT software platform designed to build and run the applications of smart, connected products. You’ll save time, money and reduce risk when building Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

ThingWorx 6.0 sets new standards in IoT scalability, security and platform extensibility ››

The IoT Platform provides a complete application design, runtime, and intelligence environment with the following innovative features:

  • Speed - Deploy 10 times faster with model-based development
  • Flexibility - Deploy how you like
  • Scalability - Evolve and grow your application over time
  • Modern and complete platform
  • Mashup people, systems & machines

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PTC ThingWorx IoT Platform Overview

IoT Platform Features

PTC ThingWorx Composer

ThingWorx Composer™

ThingWorx Composer is an end-to-end application modeling environment designed to help you easily build unique applications for the connected world. Composer makes it easy to model the things, business logic, visualization, data storage, collaboration, and security required for an IoT application.






PTC ThingWorx Mashup Builder

Codeless Mashup Builder

ThingWorx “drag and drop” Mashup Builder empowers you to rapidly create rich, interactive IoT applications, real-time dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces without the need for coding. This next-generation application builder reduces your development time and produces high quality, scalable connected applications which allows faster delivery of value-add solutions, resulting in greater market share versus your competition.




Event Driven Execution and 3D Storage with the PTC ThingWorx IoT Platform

Event-Driven Execution and 3D Storage Engine

ThingWorx’s event-driven execution engine and 3-Dimensional storage allows your organization to make business sense of the massive amounts of data from people, systems, and connected “things” – making the data useful and actionable. The IoT platform supports scale requirements for millions of devices and provides connectivity, storage, analysis, execution, and collaboration capabilities required for applications. It also features a data collection engine that provides unified, semantic storage for time-series, structured, and social data at rates 10X faster than traditional RDBs.


Search-Based Intelligence with ThingWorx SQUEAL™ (Search, Query, and Analysis)

Search-Based Intelligence

ThingWorx SQUEAL™ (Search, Query, and Analysis) brings search to the world of connected devices and distributed data. With SQUEAL’s interactive search capabilities, you can now correlate data that delivers answers to key business questions. Pertinent and related collaboration data, line-of-business system records, and equipment data are returned in a single search, speeding problem resolution and enabling innovation.




Collaboration PTC ThingWorx IoT Platform

Dynamic Collaboration

ThingWorx dynamically and virtually brings together people, systems, and connected equipment, and utilizes live collaboration sessions that help you or your team solve problems faster. The PTC ThingWorx data store becomes the basis of context aware collaboration and interaction among the system’s users, further enhancing its value. Additionally, the tribal knowledge exposed during the process is automatically captured and indexed for use in future troubleshooting activities.




Flexible Connectivity Options with PTC ThingWorx IoT Platform

Flexible Connectivity Options

ThingWorx “inclusive” connectivity strategy maximizes market opportunity and minimizes integration efforts. ThingWorx supports connectivity to devices via several methods, including 3rd party device clouds, direct network connections, Open APIs, and AlwaysOn™ connectivity using the ThingWorx Edge MicroServer.  

Download this presentation (.PDF) and learn how your company can capitalize on the Internet of Things opportunity.