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Build IoT applications from an ever-growing catalog of components

Get access to the ThingWorx IoT Platform

Quickly build smart, connected product applications, connect devices and developer kits from our Partners, or take a quick Internet of Things (IoT) demo on your Phone or PC.

Without question, the Internet of Things presents a huge opportunity – and with every great opportunity comes challenges. One needs to consider connectivity, application development, hardware compatibility, and many more facets in order to get a successful IoT solution.

Here at ThingWorx, we are building the tools to make these complex tasks not only easy, but as close to already done as possible.

Our IoT QuickStart Kits are available for both applications, and devices. The application quickstarts will guide you through a series of tutorials that allow you to experience the power of the ThingWorx IoT rapid application enablement platform and tools and to create your own IoT solutions. The device QuickStart Kits allow you to download and quickly connect a variety of devices, collect data and display the results in a ThingWorx Mashup.

To get started, select the QuickStart method of your choice:

Device QuickStart

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PTC ThingWorx Mashup Builder

Application QuickStart


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Phone LT

ThingWorx Tour

This guided experience will teach you the basics of ThingWorx. You will start with a pre-existing Template, Thing and Mashup, and then make modifications to them. You will also learn about events and subscriptions, all within the context of an assembly line.

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