ThingWorx™ Founding

In early 2009, the three founders of ThingWorx, began discussions on how we could bring our experiences in building manufacturing focused software products to the broader set of businesses that have operational processes that include people, systems and devices (aka Things) critical to product or service delivery. We realized that we were at the beginning of a new era, one dominated by increasing rates of change, and explosion of smart devices, and a fundamental shift in user expectations of the software experience. We each saw the opportunity from a different perspective:

  • Can we make Things searchable, social, mobile, and mashable?
  • Can we increase the velocity of application development to get ahead of the rate of change?
  • Can we apply the concepts of Connected Intelligence™ to operational processes involving people, systems and devices?

It took us a while to realize that while each of these ideas had merit that, the true breakthrough would occur when all three were combined into a solution. From this simple revelation, ThingWorx was born.

ThingWorx Today

ThingWorx is the 1st Application Platform for the Connected World™ – one that combines the key functionality of Web 2.0, social media and Connected Intelligence™, and applies it to any process that involve things. ThingWorx is nothing less than revolutionary in its design and it will provide the disruptive change required to catalyze operational innovation creating a more efficient and sustainable world.

Our Mission

Every connected application will run on ThingWorx or consume a service provided by another ThingWorx platform.