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About ThingWorx

Things have changed.

New technologies have connected the digital and physical worlds we once knew. Now, our “things” exist in this convergence of the digital and physical – in the Internet of Things (IoT). This new era, dominated by increasing rates of change and shifting user expectations, offers unprecedented opportunity for those who are able to extract intelligence from our newly connected things.

And so, the emergence of the Internet of Things has developers clamoring for tools and technologies to help them create innovative applications and solutions that harness the power of the smart, connected world. That’s why we’ve created ThingWorx.

ThingWorx is the only technology platform designed from the ground up for the Internet of Things. It simplifies the creation and deployment of applications for smart, connected products by giving developers the tools they need to connect, build, analyze, experience, and collaborate about their “things”.

With unrivaled integrated capabilities, ThingWorx is the industry’s most widely adopted IoT platform. Many of the world’s leading businesses across multiple industries use the award-winning ThingWorx platform to rapidly deliver innovative, connected solutions across markets with optimized outcomes.

ThingWorx is a business unit of PTC, a $1.4 billion global software company, where more than 700 employees are dedicated to the ThingWorx IoT technology platform. With more than $600MM invested in acquisitions and the development and integration of technologies for IoT, and with thousands of compatible partners and solutions, ThingWorx is creating innovation faster than ever thought possible.

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