This past week in London, ThingWorx had the pleasure of sponsoring ThingMonk, the Internet of Things Conference organized by RedMonk.  The conference brought together 20 great speakers along with several leading players in the IoT space sharing their vision on hardware, sensor data, integration, and user experience for the Internet of Things.  ThingWorx, along with our partner InVMA, led the way, highlighting the 2 day event with great presentations and demonstrations.

Day 1 was “Hack Day”, where attendees got together to explore the world of IoT possibilities when you bring together smart people and connected devices.  Day 2 kicked off with an excellent presentation from ThingWorx CTO Rick Bullotta (The Suits Meet the Hoodies – Why Both The Industrial IoT and The Consumer/Maker IoT Need Each Other), highlighting the dynamic and diverse nature of the IoT, and the value in aesthetics and usability along with scalability and interoperability as key drivers for a new class of emerging applications in this space.  The day concluded with an evening of cocktails provided by ThingWorx-Powered Bartendro – a robotic bartender.  We were able to capture Rick in action demonstrating Bartendro:



Joining ThingWorx at the event were other IoT leaders including ARM, Eclipse, along with folks from Salesforce, as they continue to involve themselves in the IoT world as it represents a unique potential to improve the way organizations work with their customers.   Salesforce’s involvement in ThingMonk followed the IoT-centric activities in the Connected Device Lab at Dreamforce.  At ThingWorx, we see this as a positive sign.  In fact, the Bartendro application we created using ThingWorx was fully integrated with Salesforce, demonstrating the power of Salesforce and ThingWorx working together.

ThingMonk lived up to its theme of “Unpacking the Internet of Things”, where several players from diverse backgrounds came together to share their vision and insight on the Internet of Things.  The excitement was certainly evident this week at ThingMonk.