Last week at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference, Lance Donny, founder and CEO of OnFarm Systems, took to the stage to discuss Smart Agriculture, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.  “The ag business is a sleeping giant,” stated Donny. “Global changes in the demand for food are increasing and farmers have the challenge of doubling the output of crops while using the same amount of land, water and resources.”

The challenge in the smart agriculture space is with data exchange and the farmer’s ability to make smart predictions based on disparate data, and OnFarm is solving this problem with the help of ThingWorx.  OnFarm is using the ThingWorx platform as a core piece of its offering – helping farmers by rethinking how information is used and by creating insight out of the flow of data coming from a multitude of farming systems and devices.  According to OnFarm, as everything becomes connected, there’s a huge opportunity for farmers to apply more data to their growing strategies with smart sensors.

Click here to see the a video of Lance’s session.