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Modern, Complete, and Powerful

Deliver innovative solutions with the only modern and complete platform for the Internet of Things.

  • Built with modern technology, so its Social, Mobile, Mashable, Searchable
  • Complete development and runtime platform for building sophisticated Internet of Things and M2M applications
  • Includes all necessary functionality required to get your solution to market quickly and easily



Develop and Deploy 10x Faster

ThingWorx accelerates IoT application development by compressing the design-develop-deploy cycle – reducing time to market and spurring innovation.

Connect Anything

Our flexible connectivity model allows you to connect to a wide range of devices via several methods, including 3rd party device clouds, direct network connections, Open APIs, and our secure edge connectivity.

Mashups People, Systems and Machines

Mashup People, Systems, and Machines

Our codeless Mashup Builder enables rapid assembly of applications that integrate the data, activities, and events from People, Systems, and the Physical World. Our “zero code” approach lets developers, analysts, and business users create HTML5-based user experiences, analytics and dashboards in minutes, greatly expanding the number of people that can contribute.

Search the Physical World

Empower users to search the people, systems, and machines in their world to find what they want when they want, using SQUEAL (Search, Query, Analysis), ThingWorx’s patent pending intelligence tool.



Deploy How You Like

Cloud, On-Premise, Federated, or Embedded – ThingWorx lets you deploy exactly the way you want to fit the needs of any scenario.

Innovation Starts Here

ThingWorx enables dynamic Internet of Things applications that evolve rapidly as new inputs and insights become available. These “dynamic” applications grow more valuable the more they are used and serve as catalyst for innovation.

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